NetSuite is used by more than 30,000 organizations worldwide. Packaged with powerful functionalities that are customizable to fit various industries, NetSuite works perfectly with your business model.

oracle-netsuite NetSuite

Built­-In Flexibility

NetSuite adapts to the dynamic nature of your business. Whether you need to scale up, spin off, or adopt new business models, NetSuite responds to your changes seamlessly. Additionally, when system updates are implemented, your system configurations and customizations carries over to the next NetSuite upgrade automatically.

Business Intelligence Included

Improve and strengthen the decision making process with real-time view of data, analytics, and key performance indicators. Core business data is analyzed and displayed for easy use.

ERP as Your Customer Interface

With NetSuite, your ERP system doubles as a customer interface. A customizable commerce system for your customers comes included with your core business system.

NetSuite Solutions


NetSuite ERP handles all internal, vital operations, and financial management in one cloud environment. Use integrated and comprehensive SaaS solutions that connect all business functions seamlessly.


Starting from marketing, customer upsell, cross sell, renewal, and customer service, NetSuite CRM+ improves customer relations management throughout the entire lifecycle.


Take your e-commerce to the next level by combining e­commerce, order management, inventory, CRM and financials. SuiteCommerce is a personalized, online solution, accessible via any device.


Increase profitability and achieve more accurate invoicing and billing when you combine project management, project accounting, resource management, timesheet management, and expense management into one comprehensive Service Resource Planning system.

Retail and Wholesale

Designed to satisfy your multi-channel shopper, NetSuite for retail and wholesale provides strong B2B and B2C relationship management through a powerful cloud based retail software.


Easily manage your global business using OneWorld. Stay informed and manage multiple currencies, taxation rules, and reporting requirements overseas. Oneworld is the perfect tool to compliment your business as you expand on a global scale.